Water and Religion

Baptism For Adults


Adult baptism is very different from the formalized ritual performed in some churches, and it is often performed off the church grounds. Any body of water is generally deemed appropriate, but those churches in landlocked or cold areas will use a small indoor pool. The person is who has chosen to join the church is completely immersed in water as their family and friends look on. As with an infant, it is a time of joy for the person who has chosen to make their religious commitment, and they invite their friends, family and the congregation to witness their ritual.

Dunking is the usual method used in this type of religious ceremony, and the prayers are said at the beginning of the ritual. Some churches have only the religious official speaking, but others allow friends or family members to give a short speech before the event takes place. Prayers to bless the event and a short sermon can be said, and then the person is dunked completely under the water to initiate them into the religion.