Water and Religion

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Human life depends upon water, so there is little wonder that it is an integral part of many religions. Some of them use it in a variety of ways, and some have combined it with stories about prophets and important religious figures. It is a substance that has always been important for sustaining life for crops, animals and directly for humans. Drinking it has always been an important part of life, but bathing in it is also something both humans and animals do as a part of their daily routine. Baptism can be a ritualized bath, a quick dunking, or it can be just a dribble of water.

Water is not just a physical necessity, so it also has other connotations for people and animals. The watering hole is a gathering place for many, but it can also be a dangerous place. The opposite is true for humans, and gathering to see someone join a religious institution is often a time of celebration for family, friends and the entire congregation. One of the lesser known water rituals in churches is the washing of feet.